Introducing ‘Princess Plume,’ the Second in the Animal Guardian Series

Hello there, Kids… Moms and Dads. Pets alike. Welcome, once again to the Animal Guardian Series of Tales. I’m Dean Lombardo, sole custodian of the Animal Guardian chronicles. It is an honor to be the proprietor of these sacred tales, which have been handed down from master yarn-spinner, to master humorist, to master storyteller, from Mark Twain, to James Thurber, to John Steinbeck, to the likes of humble little me.

In our last animal guardian tale, “Donkey Sense,” we witnessed a donkey with a rather feisty attitude teach a bullied boy how to make friends and stand up for himself. Pedro… he’s the donkey… also taught troubled Timmy a lot about confidence building, which leads us to our next tale, bestowed “Princess Plume.”

Eleven-year-old Sara Massey feels neglected and depressed. Two years after a haunting, near-crippling crash from the uneven bars, Sara can’t return to her favorite sport of gymnastics without risking death or complete paralysis. Or can she? In a hopeful flicker of her desperate heart and soul, Sara adopts the kitten of a wild barn cat, and the fearless kitty gives Sara all she can handle, plus a jolt of confidence.

But as Sara begins her risky comeback in gymnastics and life, an imposturous Turkish sultan calling himself Orkhan Hamid arrives to claim the kitten for his own. Desperate for the kitten’s rejuvenating power, Hamid will even steal to turn his fortune around. Can broken-hearted Sara stop this mysterious pet-napper to keep the cat of her dreams?

A fun and meaningful read for all ages.

Note to my faithful readers: I’ll follow up Princess Plume, with another Animal Guardian novel. In this third Animal Guardian book, I shall aspire to inspire youngsters and people who want to believe in themselves, and introduce an almost-mythical species of animal that we’ve only begun to understand…

Now, here’s the cover of “Princess Plume.”

Princess Plume by Dean Lombardo

Princess Plume by Dean Lombardo


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