Research in Peace

There’s a delicious feeling when you’re researching a new or in-progress novel and the missing pieces of your plot then start to come together. You understand at this moment why you research.

Most of the time, however, you’re ruing both the lacking page count and the “wasted” time it’s taking to research a subject or subjects.

dean pic 2One must rein himself or herself in at the temptation to toss down the textbook, cut corners and forge ahead blindly to create something that is not credibly bound in some form of buyable reality.

The time and effort I’m putting in to research will pay off, I tell myself.

The research will matter.

The time and effort will pay off.

The research will matter.


2 thoughts on “Research in Peace

  1. I know what you mean, Dean – the time spent researching can generate a sort of guilty feeling. But it does matter! Plus I love it when research throws up a completely unexpected but juicy bit of information that sparks sub-plot ideas. Found a cool one that way just yesterday – and the thing I found was a real tangent from the point of my original reason for researching. Fun-fun!

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