Reality TV Blasts Off From Planet Earth With A Quentin Tarantino Perspective

Northern Virginia, April 3, 2014 – The cameras are on and the gloves are off in this battle of the sexes in space. Space Games (Kristell Ink) is a powerful new take on our society’s addiction to the Internet, games, and our obsession with celebrities and fame. Author Dean Lombardo presents this raw, hard-hitting and totally engaging topic in a style compared to filmmakers Quentin Tarantino, Oliver Stone and Robert Rodriguez.

Say hello to Robin and Joe, contestants in 2034’s “Space Games,” a new, high-stakes reality TV show set aboard a next-generation space station, ISS 2. Overcome by the physical and psychological strains of ‘space,’ the two contestants quickly abandon the show’s sanctioned events to engage in a lawless game of kill-or-be-killed as millions watch helplessly from Earth. With the station orbiting 220 miles above Earth, rescue by shuttle two days away, the reality show rapidly de-evolves into a horrifying study of primal man versus woman, squaring off in a deadly, live spectacle.
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It’s the first novel to tackle the idea of a reality TV show/TV game show in space, namely, aboard a cramped, claustrophobic space station. As with the filmmakers mentioned above, some scenes of graphic violence are not for the faint of heart.

Born in Norwalk, CT in 1968, and now residing in northern Virginia, Dean Lombardo has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and a natural curiosity about the universe and the many things in it. His first novel, Vespa, was published in 2007.

Lombardo also works as a writer and editor in information technology. Previously, he served as an editor and reporter for several newspapers and magazines in New York and Connecticut. Besides writing and traveling, Lombardo enjoys hiking, and reading suspenseful novels and mainstream scientific journals such as Discover and National Geographic. He and his wife, Karen, have two children and a dog.

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Space Games
Kristell Ink
Available in digital and print editions everywhere online including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Tower Books, Chapters/Indigo
ISBN-13: 978-1909845152



Mary Fan, author of Artificial Absolutes: “A sleekly modern rendition of pulp sci-fi, Space Games is fast-paced, straightforward read that leaves you wanting to know what happens next.”

Brian Bandell, New York Journal of Books: “Like any good reality show, Space Games leaves us wondering what the contestants would do next and how they could possibly top the last bone-breaking outburst of brutality. The ending goes to a pretty dark place—the worst nightmare for any TV producer, except Zimmer.”

Amazon and Barnes & Noble readers:

Amanda P. Jones: “Fun, fast paced read!…A real page turner….a look at the battle of men vs women… what greed will make people do, emotional introspective, plus tons of great scientific facts! A great read for sci-fi fans & those who may typically shy away from a sci-fi book. Just read it!”

D. E. Howell: “Hard hitting culture shock.”

Jasmine: Brutally honest. But awesome. …the focus is on human nature…(never fear, sci-fi fans, there’s still plenty of geeky details for you to enjoy). The lines really do get blurred here and though you might think you know pretty clearly who you’re going to root for in the beginning, you might be surprised at who you end up siding with at the end… if you side with anyone at all…. pick up Space Games, it’ll definitely take you on a wild ride you’re not soon to forget.”

Carine Engelbrecht: “reality television hits outer space with a big bang….The larger-than-life Hollywood approach came across as very authentic, which concentrated the hidden punch of satire and social commentary. I appreciated the technical attention to detail, which made some of the realities of living on a space station come to life. The underlying opportunities presented by this unusual environment were expertly utilized to amp up the drama in the story. While gender can be a touchy subject, the presentation remained balanced and thought-provoking.”


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