Shea Kelly of ‘Non-Compliance: The Transition’ Takes the Quick-Pitch Elevator Challenge

(In this next installment of the Dean’s Den Elevator Pitch series, we welcome Shea Kelly, the protagonist from the Paige Daniels “Non-Compliance” novels. Today, Shea is going to tell us a bit about her second adventure.)

Hello again, I’m Dean Lombardo, author-extraordinaire. Whether it’s Hollywood or the more mundane world of everyday business, it’s paramount to get your proposition communicated and heard before the person considering your pitch turns to something else. You’ve got to be able to quickly explain what you’ve got, why in the heck we should spend any of our hard-earned cash on this thing you’ve created, and why busy and impatient folk like us should read or listen to you a second longer?

Yours Truly, while reading the first "Non-Compliance" novel.

Yours Truly, while reading the first “Non-Compliance” novel.

To tease out this kind of quick pitch, I’ve rented an ALMOST certified elevator inside of which I’ll interview novelists so they’ll stop throat-clearing and bullshitting us and get to the point. You see, my rented building is only five-stories high, so a thirty-second elevator ride – the length of a round-trip – is all the time each guest is gonna have to tell us about their book.

And entering the elevator car now is Shea Kelly, the main character in “Non-Compliance: The Transition,” which is the follow-up novel to “Non-Compliance: The Sector.”


OK, time to hit the button for the fifth … And Going Up! Start pitching, lady.

Shea: Whatever, Writer-Boy … I’ve got a multi-tool and a stick of gum in my pocket, and every ThyssenKrupp model 85/B elevator has an access panel that will… On second thought, Quinn’s waiting for me and if I’m late he gets grouchy and I’m not in the mood to put up with his whining … or yours.

In this next adventure my crew and I run a gauntlet of surly punks, raging psychopaths, and explosions. You’ll learn what brought me and Wynne to the NCS – uh, that’s the Non-Compliance Sector – and you’ll even learn a little more about Quinn’s history. I knew Mr. Uptight had to have some skeletons in his closet.

Dean: All right. We’ve reached the top floor. It may be rickety but this elevator’s fast. Now we’re headed back down. So this is your second book, huh? Why should we all become non-compliant again?

Shea: You know, you’re supposed to have these elevators inspected periodically. You might want to look into that. But I digress. If you want to find out more about the crew and their back stories then this is a story for you. You’ll also get a peek at the Compliant Sector, aka Creepyville.

There are some new baddies introduced. If you thought Danny Rose was an evil bastard, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. We’ll also say good-bye to a few of our dear friends, but fortunately we meet some new friends too, including someone that makes even Quinn nervous.

What about sex? Damn, you’re nosey. I don’t kiss and tell so you’re just going to have to read the book and find out. Oh, look, the ground floor. Thanks Writer-Boy. Don’t forget to pick up YOUR copy. See ya.


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