Artists From All Over the World Featured in New Gothic Art Book

Art lovers,
I want to give you a sneak peek at an exciting new art book from Aädenian Ink, a small publishing house in the UK that specializes in fresh new literary tales and art work, inspired by all things gothic, fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk.

Aädenian Ink released its first publication last week—a contemporary gothic art book titled “Out of the Dark.” Containing over two hundred images, and contributions from thirty-two artists from around the world, “Out of the Dark” is a cornucopia of gothic artistic exploration. Fifteen chapters are packed with vibrant images, and descriptions, to showcase some of genre’s favorite themes, from death to lovers, hauntings to winter, and more. Many images are accompanied by commentaries from the artists, detailing their inspirations and methods, and why certain pieces mean so much to them.

The first sample (the winged woman above) is titled “Scaretale” by Liliana Sanches, a digital artist from Lisbon, Portugal.

Our second sample is “Trust,” by Hedieh Entekhabi, a digital artist from the United Arab Emirates.

Click here to read more about “Out of the Dark” in an interview with Aädenian Ink senior editor Hazel Butler.

Email Aädenian Ink at to add this collection of gothic art to your private library or coffee table … and feed the Goth in you and yours.


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