Discoredia Provides Breath of Fresh Air in a ‘Next SAME Thing’ Society

Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Remake after Hollywood remake, formulaic novel after formulaic novel, and copycat reality shows. It’s got to be rough on the Hollywood screenwriter or novelist trying to create something new and different.

WRITER: It’s a story about two teenage boys and a girl who train at this academy, learn magic and fight this disembodied dark lord.
LITERARY AGENT: That’s fantastic! We’ll sell those like hot-cakes to the teens, even if it does sound JUST A TADDDDDDD…. BIT familiar. How’s a ten-book deal sound?

PUBLISHER: Tell me about your story.
WRITER: Well, it’s got these diminuitive people on a quest, there’s a dragon, a wizard–
PUBLISHER: I’ll take it, very Tolkien-esque, the mindless masses are brain-wahh– uh, I mean, mesmerized by that stuff.

Yeah, it can maddening for the writer trying to add something different to the entertainment domain, something that involves an element of risk. And that’s why today I toast my friend J.C. Michael, who I met roughly a year ago on the HarperCollins Authonomy website and stayed in touch with ever since. J.C. and I bonded almost immediately because he’d written a unique horror novel called Discoredia that had some of the same devious characterization and plotting as one of my favorite authors, Michael Slade, but yet it was like NOTHING I’d ever seen before. Completely original! And of course, J.C. felt the same about my novel, Space Games, in terms of its providing thrills and uniqueness, and we supported each other through the milestones and pitfalls of trying to reach publication. This morning I learned that J.C. just hooked a publisher for Discoredia. I am ecstatic and pushed everything aside to write this unconventional news release!

So, for you authors writing something unconventional, risky, non-formulaic, or you readers looking for something completely different, take heart. It does happen (as it did for me and now J.C.), and fortunately these different sorts of stories are (or will be) available at a book retailer near you.

So, so, so very happy for J.C. Yes!


4 thoughts on “Discoredia Provides Breath of Fresh Air in a ‘Next SAME Thing’ Society

  1. I agree with you about the YA stuff, but I can’t agree on the Tolkienesque fantasy. I know because I have been on a thirty plus year hunt for anything decent and Tolkienesque and the publishers just don’t want to publish any despite there being a large audience for it. In fact I have only ever found two other series that I consider both good and Tolkienesque, those being the early Shannara books and McKiernan’s Iron Tower trilogy and Silver Call duology. That’s what made me write my own Tolkienesque novel (the unique part being that I wanted to do it in a semi-Grimdark style). Naturally no publishers were interested even though I pointed out (this was nearly three years ago) that both the Hobbit and Game of Thrones shows were forthcoming and would be huge hits. Sorry for the mini-rant, but the unwillingness of publishers to give readers like myself what we want really frustrates me!

  2. No problem, Ted. This is an open forum for exactly these types of discussions. I’m still seeing a lot of dragons and Tolkien stories being written and published. There’s definitely a paying audience for it, but is all of it original? Nah.

  3. But publishers are missing the point when it comes to this type of fantasy. Sure there are many fantasy fans who would love nothing more than to never see another elf again, but there is another large audience out here that doesn’t give a hoot whether we get originality or not–we love what we love and want more of the same, as long as it’s written well. Publishers should be able to provide for both types of fans.

  4. Thanks for posting about this Dean. It’s now official, Discoredia will be published by Books of the Dead Press, provisionally in late July.

    I must admit part if my motivation was to write something that played to my interests, which by definition took it away from the run of the mill.

    There’s a lot of originality out there but it’s overshadowed by the best sellers and if you end up reading the same author over and over again you’re bound to find repetition as people write what they know. I’m a massive Stephen King fan, but I’ve got to admit the mentions of Maine, 50’s music, and writers as main characters can get a little repetitive.

    Then, of course, there’s those who try to copy a winning formula as a short cut to success. There’s a whole host of Harry Potter influenced stories on Authonomy.

    Having said all that we all take our influences from somewhere. There’s very little in the world that’s truly original.

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